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Feb, 2021

February Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 2/2/21

Attendees:   Jay Binette, Brian Claffey, Rachel DeAlfi, Carlo Ferreira, JP Grasso, Bridget Green-Salmon, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Mike Oney, Kristine Vincent, Steve Woronecki, Mike Erickson, Mark Doody

Meeting started @ 7:00

·       Clinics

o   12 girls have been going to the clinics.  Good turnout for all ages

·       Registration

o   28 signed up so far.  Flyer has been sent out email, Facebook, and has been sent out through email by South Street

·       Opening Day

o   Tentatively scheduled for last Saturday in April.  April 24th.  For those willing to help with an opening day committee, please let Mr. Oney know.

·       Sponsorship

o   Board members provided a list of companies to reach out to.  Members should ask if they would like to continue their sponsorship.  Please respond to Mr. Oney by Feb 22.  If we get new sponsors, we need a high resolution image to be able to create a new banner.  Team sponsorship is offered to existing sponsors initially. 

·       Evaluation gym progress

o   Tentatively scheduled March 6th.  Mr. Oney anticipates hearing from the schools this week.

·       Equipment

o   Mr. Oney will meet with Mr. Claffey at Town Hall to go over current equipment and needs.  Some equipment has been purchased for the clinics that is not being used (primarily balls)

·       League wide fundraiser

o   Send thoughts to Mr. Oney regarding items we can do for a league.  Mr. Grasso proposed selling raffle tickets for scratch off lottery tickets for each team as a proposed fundraiser.  Also suggested cutout pictures of fans to be placed in Pesci grandstands if stands are closed for the season.

·       NCBBL meeting

o   Other towns are planning on having a full opening day and adjust if possible.  Look to have a 12 – 16 game schedule ending 1st week of June.  Other towns are looking to have AA teams play other towns.  Not all towns follow the same rules.  Scheduling meeting will follow.  Majors and AAA teams will have a playoff.  AAA will no longer have unlimited steals.  Only 2 steals per inning.  Can advance on a passed ball and on overthrows.  Multiple towns will not be using SEBU.  Mr. Oney has recommended that we continue to use SEBU.

·       Bylaws will be changed to the following regarding skipping divisions:

o   If for any reason a spring season cannot be held (i.e. pandemic, player injury), players may be allowed to skip a division, dependent upon player evaluation in comparison to other players in the league.

o   Mr. Grasso will look into LL International to see if they have any similar wording exists, although WLLL can create our own bylaws as we see fit. 

o   Meeting ended at 8:15.

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