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Feb, 2021

January Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 1/4/21

Attendees:  Mark Mona, JP Grasso, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Mike Oney, Rachel DeAlfi, Bridget Green-Salmon, Jay Binette, Steve Woronecki, Kristine Vincent, Katie Claffey, Melissa Maltese, Mike Erickson

Meeting started @ 7:00

1.     Sponsorship – Mr. Oney is looking to reach out to 2 or 3 larger corporations to see if they are willing to donate.  Small sponsors will be hand delivered pictures from last season.  Mr. Oney will present them in person to introduce himself as the new President.  Last year that occurred in early February.  Mr. Oney will email out the sponsorship letter to the Board so that the league has permanent access to it.  Ms. Maltese provided a list of companies that donates to local business that Mr. Oney will review for potential donors.

2.     Juniors – The Juniors has been run by Suffield and Windsor in the past couple of years.  The board is supposed to reassess the program every year.  Mr. Mona commented that there should be enough for at least 1 team with just WL players this year.  Mr. Woronecki believes there would only be 1 returning player from last year.  Last year there were 2 teams from the Tri-Town (WL, Windsor, & EW).  Players were split between teams.  Mr. Mona was proposing to bring the program back to WL as soon as possible as he would like the league to promote the Juniors league more so than it currently is.  Mr. Oney will be setting up time to discuss further with Mr. Oney and Mr. Woronecki

3.     Opening registration for clinics & spring season – Registration will open this week for both the clinic and spring registration.  Ms. Janick will look to add to website later tonight. 

4.     Opening Day – Planning on still having an opening day (of some sort).  As of current regulations, we can operate at 25% capacity at Pesci Park.  Ms. Vincent suggesting breaking the levels apart and doing something for each of the divisions.  (i.e. Softball maybe at Reed, Tball together).  Ms. Maltese suggested posting videos on the website of drills or instruction that coaches lead to keep kids involved during the offseason.  Ms Maltese also suggested creating a video of virtual catch that would engage players/coaches from the league.

5.     Evaluations – Will need to find out the capacity of the gyms if participants will be evaluated inside.  Also potentially look to have less coaches in the gym to limit the number of folks.

6.     Bylaws – Address COVID issues with kids skipping levels.  Mr. Grasso will make a proposal and send to the Board

7.     Softball Scholarship – Proposal is to pause until we determine how many teams we will have at each league before pushing forward player names.  Kisselback 

8.     Board voted to provide a donation to Steve Hancock who is having medical difficulties.  He was a former volunteer that was heavily involved with the league.

Meeting ended at 8:15.

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