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Jan, 2021

December Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 12/7/20

Attendees:  Mike Erickson, Mark Mona, JP Grasso, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Mike Oney Rachel DeAlfi, Bridget Green-Salmon, Jay Binette, Steve Woronecki, Kristine Vincent, Brian & Kristine Vincent

Meeting started @ 7:00

1. EW Merge.  EW had their annual elections and new board members were selected.  EW has decided to try and keep their league together.  Have asked to let their players let come and play in our league if needed.  Mr. Oney suggested seeing a detailed plan from EW regarding how they would propose to include their players in WLLL.  EW initially sounds interested in softball joining.

2. Online apparel store.  Sold 73 items and made $273.  Ms. DeAlfi suggested continuing to have inventory as the profit margin is very small.  Ms. DeAlfi will look to sell additional items currently in inventory through Facebook and our website.

3. Fundraising ideas.  Email Mr. Oney with 5-6 larger corporations that we can solicit for fundraising.  Ms. DeAlfi and Mr. Oney are compiling pictures of sponsors from last year and talking to them for sponsorships for next year. 

4. Treasurers report (Mark Janick).  League lost $6K last year, primarily associated with inventory for opening day (which was not able to be sold) as well as donation to food bank.  Registration was down substantially due to the loss of the spring season.  No profit generated from snack shack and fundraising down as a result of the pandemic. 

5. Winter Clinic/Covid.  Contract was signed with CT Elite in East Granby for winter clinics, but has been put on hold until the state provides a go ahead.  No money has been exchanged, nor will be unless clinics are held.  Suggestion is to open registration on the website at the beginning of the year, but not take $.  Ms. Janick will investigate if that option is available on the website. 

6. Opening Registration.  Mr. Oney is reaching out to the schools to make ensure that the school can send out registration flyer.  Registration would be proposed to start Jan 1 and close towards to the end of February.

7. Dates for evaluations.  Evaluations should be scheduled for the last weekend in February with the first weekend in March as the follow-up.  Mike will reach out to the town to see if the gyms will be available.

Meeting ended at 8:20

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