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Dec, 2020

November Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 11/2/20

Meeting started @ 8:00

·       The board approved moving the next couple of meetings at 7:00.

·       Trunk or Treat.  Successful experience with the town.  Help from many on the board to make a presence felt

·       Executive board was invited to speak with EW board in terms of merging with potentially their town.  Executive board is not currently open to changing the name of the WL little league name.  Benefits for WL would be increase pool of players and revenue.  More opportunity for sponsors and potential help with coaches and board members.

·       Winter skills clinic.  Proposal is to move facility this year in East Granby.  Offered Sunday’s instead of Saturday’s this year.  Same financials as last year in Suffield.  EG will take 50% of charge of registration fee.  Jan 10 – Feb 21st.  Exclusive to WLLL for Sunday.  Mr. Oney will look into the flexibility in terms of payment in case of COVID changes.  Board approved moving winter clinic to East Granby.  No parents will be allowed, drop off only.  Look to create specific drills that should be done at the clinic.

·       Manager’s and coach’s training.  USA baseball has 3 certifications available for potential coaches or managers.  Proposal is to potentially role this out later this year in hopes that most coaches/managers take the certification.  Practice plans will be provided to coaches/managers from tball to coach pitch.  Zero cost to Game Changer app and certification process.  Board approved rollout of training process.

·       Scott’s will open WL store for special WL gear prior to the holidays.  Store will close by 11/30.  No cost to the league, only profit if we sell items. 

·       Look to send out registration letter early in December.  Open registration Jan 1.  Can we include a notification as park of the Superintendent’s weekly email to parents? Proposal is to keep pricing the same as last year but increase pricing of 50/70 on the same level as Juniors.  Board voted and approved.

Meeting ended at 9:44

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