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Nov, 2019

October Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 10/7/19

Meeting started @ 7:35

The sole purpose of the October Board meeting was to elect the members for the 2019-2020 year.  There were 2 contested positions:

Vice President – Mark Mona vs. Jesse Peters

AAA Coordinator – Jim Cox vs. Don Soucy

The new board was elected by the eligible voters.  The attatched provides a view of the new board of directors:



Mike Erickson

Vice President

Mark Mona


JP Grasso


Mark Janick

Player Agent

Kristine Vincent

Insurance Officer

Katie Claffey

Concessions Manager

Bridget Green

Safety Officer

Jason Binette

Equipment Manager

Bryan Stegman

Sponsorship/Fundraising Manager

Rachel DeAlfi

League Information Officer

Melissa Janick

Junior League Admin

Steve Woronecki

Major League Admin

Nick Burton

AAA Admin

Jim Cox

Farm League Admin

Mike Oney

Tee-Ball Administrator

Mark Mona

Major League Softball Admin

Hank Savelli

Minor League Softball Admin

Mark Janick


Meeting closed at 8:00

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