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Sep, 2019

September Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 9/9/19

Meeting started @ 8:05

Attendees:  Mike Erickson, Mark Mona, JP Grasso, Mike Oney, Steve Woronecki, Rachel DeAlfi, Bob Norris, Bryan Stegman, Hank Savelli, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Nick Burton

Pitching Scholarship – Everyone has been notified that they have accepted the scholarship.  However, the instructor has not responded to inquiries to set up lessons.  Mr. Canon actively looking for others instructors to teach the lessons.

Equipment needs to be turned in by teams for Spring and Summer teams.  Email should be sent to administrators to ask managers to turn equipment in.  

Talked about the nomination process and notifications.  Need to vote in everyone.  ***CHANGE CONSTITUTION*** for voting in everyone as well as removing 3 board positions.

Melissa will look into how difficult it is to put team schedules on the website.  How difficult is it for the managers to add schedules to the website.  Mr. Mona talked to Hidden Valley in Southington to donate a pitching machine.

Batting cages can be put next to garden and near grandstands of Pesci 2.  

Shed will stay at Reed for now.

Meeting ended 8:50

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