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Aug, 2019

July Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 7/1/19

Meeting started @ 8:30

Attendees: Mike Erickson, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Mark Mona, Chris Camara, JP Grasso, Bryan Stegman, Hank Savelli, Mike Oney, Steve Woronecki, Bob Norris, Todd Annis

Softball scholarship. 3 names were brought forward for the 1 open spot in the fall. The 3 names will be emailed to the board to vote on for the fall opening. There potentially will be 2 openings in the spring.


Wednesday on Pesci 2 is used by the Special Olympics throughout the summer.


Players need to practice with their teams and should not be practicing with other teams/levels.


Summer majors teams as of now include only Windsor and Windsor Locks.


The board should send an email out to the league informing them of the nomination process for the 2020 board.


Commercial convection oven and microwave are being donated to the league.


Electrician is needed for work to be done in the snack shack and press booth.



Treasurers report: Spring season ended with a balance of approximately $20k.


Meeting ended 9:15

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