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Jun, 2019

June Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 6/3/19

Meeting started @ 8:35

Attendees:  Mike Erickson, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Mark Mona, Chris Camara, JP Grasso, Hank Savelli, Rachel DeAlfi, Bryan Stegman, Mike Oney, Nick Burton, Steve Woronecki, Bob Norris, Todd Annis, Katie Claffey, Jim Canon, Chuck Rockwell

Players that are 12 as of August 31, are still eligible to play in the summer.  The league would look to field 11 players per team for each division.  Mark Mona, Don Soucey, and Mike Oney would like to manage teams.  Cost was $75 last year per player.  If an email is sent out, we should be clear that AA teams would be kid pitch and not coach pitch.

Profit from the League party held on June 1st was over $3K.

League will check into how many teams are utilizing the 50/70 foot baseball fields to deem whether or not it would be viable for the league to support.

Based on input from the Majors and AAA coordinator, the President determined the WLLL will only field one all-star team this year, (pursuant to the league’s option in the by-laws).  The by-laws mission statement and selection process for all-stars is as follows:

Mission Statement: It is WLLL’s intent to field the best possible Tournament Teams with the most skilled, eligible players. Eligibility is determined by completion of the Tournament Eligibility Form.

Tournament teams permitted by the Board of Directors shall be selected using the authorized method detailed below, as determined annually by the President in consultation with the Administrators of Major Leagues, AAA and AA. WLLL has the option to field the following Tournament Teams by using Method 1 as the selection process.

  • 12 Year Old Tournament Team (or 11/12)
  • 11 Year Old Tournament Team (or 10/11)
  • 9-10 Year Old Tournament Team

Teams can be filled in with younger players only if there are no other eligible players in that age group.

There will only be a tournament team if there are enough players at the age level for the team.

The Player Agent (or designated representative) must be in attendance at all selection meetings and/or tryouts conducted.

  1. Method 1- On or before the next to last week of the regular season (on a date established not less than seven (7) days in advance by the President), the President, the Player Agent, the Major League Administrator and the regular season Managers and Coaches of each Major League team shall meet for the purpose of selecting the Williamsport Tournament team (also known as the 11-12 year old All-Star team). The President, Managers, Coaches, and the Administrator shall have one vote* in the selection of the Player Members for that team. Player Members shall be selected for the All Star tournament team by majority vote**. In the event any Manager cannot attend said selection meeting, said Manager shall so notify the President and shall provide and absentee ballot with his/her selections for the team.

At the conclusion of the selection of the 11-12 year old Tournament team, the President, Majors & AAA Managers & Coaches, Majors & AAA Administrators and the Player Agent shall vote to populate the remaining tournament team(s) from among the remaining Player Members in the Major, and Minor divisions, employing the same procedure for voting as described above. 

* If the President and/or Administrator are/is also a Manager, then that individual shall have only one vote.

** The number of Players that can be voted on the team by a majority vote is no less than 9 and no more than 12. This number will be part of the selection process as outlined in the previous paragraph.

The new coach for the softball pitching scholarship works out of FastPitch nation.  Scholarship has been approved for paying for 4 girls to receive the pitching scholarship.  Currently, 3 girls that receive the scholarship will continue to do so.  One additional girl will be solicited to receive the scholarship. 

Meeting ended 9:45


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