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Jun, 2019

May Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 5/6/19

Meeting started @ 8:30

Attendees:  Mike Erickson, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Mark Mona, Chris Camara, Jim Canon, JP Grasso, Hank Savelli, Rachel DeAlfi, Bryan Stegman, Mike Oney

All the managers for AAA and majors have been talked to about entering the scores onto the Suffield website.  Home teams are required to enter the final scores for the NCCBL.

Only one manager and 2 coaches for are allowed in the dugouts for Majors and AAA. 

Czarnecki does the photographs for all teams.  No other photographer should be conducting team photos for the league teams.

Two-hour maximum time limit for AAA games.

Manager of home team at Pesci 1 needs to make sure that the Press Booth is clean after every game.

An email should be sent to managers about keeping the press booth and dugouts clean after every game.

Email should also be sent to managers about snack shack expectations.  How to open, clean-up, requirements of volunteers, paying for items…

P.O. Box should be established for the league and the Tax ID should be updated.

Window sill at Reed is broken in the snack shack.  Keurig at Reed is also broken.

Total revenue $1,962 from opening day.  The league purchased a Square to be able to accept credit cards.  $400 made from the dunk tank.

Tshirts should be sold at the snack shack.  A separate envelope should be kept keeping track of sales.

Nick Burton was nominated and approved as AAA coordinator.

Tball games are schedule from 10 – 1:30 on Saturday’s and 6:00.

Meeting ended 9:45



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