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Mar, 2019

March Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 3/4/19

Meeting started @ 7:05

Attendees: Mike Erickson, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Chuck Rockwell, Mark Mona, Bob Norris, Chris Camara, Jim Canon, JP Grasso, Hank Savelli, Matt Hall, Rachel DeAlfi

Clinics went for 6 weeks with very positive feedback. Suffield asking to do something with their majors teams there prior to the start of the season. There is potential to continue to do the skills clinics next winter as well.

Price for Pesci 1 scoreboard for wireless battery-operated unit is approximately $2,000. $300 just to have the box looked. $5,500 for wireless solar powered scoreboard proposal for Pesci 2 if the league is interested in the addition. Board voted to approve funds for the wireless scoreboard update for Pesci 1. Sponsor are being solicited for a scoreboard for Pesci 2.

April 6th will be a paint night fundraiser. Yard Goats game will be on April 12th. Ms. DeAlfi needs a flyer to distribute. Tickets will be $12. Parent party this year will be June 1st at St. Roberts. May 4th opening day, 5th will be the rain date. A dunk tank will be provided. It was suggested that an email/Facebook post, should be sent out detailing the activities that will be occurring at opening day. Chipotle fundraiser generated $381 for Softball. 80 t-shirts will be ordered for opening day to be sold at $15.


Evaluations are still at South Street right now. Mr. Erickson will check with the Parks Department this week to try and secure the Middle School. Managers from last year will be contacted to help with conducting the evaluations. Tables will be brought along with drinks, snacks, pants, sweatshirts, water bottles, and magnets to sell at the evaluations. Makeup will be held on 3/12 at 7:15 at Town Hall, followed by the draft.


Mr. Erickson and Mr. Annis will be meeting with Public Works to determine when practices can start based on the field conditions.


Skills clinic will be held Monday 3/18 @ 7:00 at Town Hall, with the Safety clinic tentatively for the following Monday.


Meeting ended 8:00

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