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Feb, 2019

February Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 2/7/19

Meeting started @ 7:35

Attendees:  Mike Erickson, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Chuck Rockwell, Mark Mona, Bob Norris, Chris Camara, Jim Canon, JP Grasso, Bryan Stegman, Hank Savelli, Matt Hall

Grant application to Little League International was sent at the end of January.  The league should will find out if the grant was accepted by the end of March.

Messages have been sent to scoreboard operator for repair.  Mr. Erickson will continue to follow-up through the next month as the scoreboard will need to be fixed by the middle of April.

Registrations currently total 56 as of Feb 7th.  Admins are requested to send out reminder email to have parents register kids before the deadline.

Fundraiser next Tuesday night at Chipotle for Softball.

Opening day is planned for May 4th.  Potential fundraiser items suggested for opening day include:

  • Foam Finger
  • Locks t-shirts (with baseball/softball stitching in the o of Locks, possibly adding zip code on sleeve)
  • Hats

Pricing would need to be determined before any purchases are made for opening day.  Mr. Janick will investigate getting used tennis balls to use for future fundraising at Pesci.  Others are encouraged to see if they have tennis balls to donate.

Mr. Hall to provide YardGoats information to Ms. Wright.  The Board proposed trying to schedule a date in April for the league outing if possible.

Clinics have registered 60 kids.  Feedback has been positive, with the league reaching out to LandWarrior to continue the partnership going forward. 

A waterproof container is needed to store Speedy Dry at Pesci.  The bags are currently stored under the grandstands but decompose when they get wet.  Homeplate will be replaced before the start of the season.  A meeting will be scheduled with Phil from Public Works concerning the fields and changing locks for the upcoming season.

Evaluations will be the Saturday in March 9, which should be after basketball has finished for the town and travel teams.  Will need to be determined if the location will be the Middle School or South Street School.  Draft and makeup will be Tuesday 3/12, but should not be publicized as we would like to have as many players as possible attend evaluations on the 9th.

$2,225 donated in Mike Hennigan’s honor for his funeral.  Smith Brothers donated $2,266 for 2018 sponsorship as well as future funds.

Sponsorship $ will be collected by Mike Erickson.  Board members were asked to assist with the collections.

Mr. Norris will schedule a safety clinic with Jordan English for a Monday later in March or early April.  The league will also inquire with Mr. English if he is available for a coaches’ clinic.

Meeting closed at 8:55

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