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Jan, 2019

December Board Minutes

Board Minutes – 12/3/18

Meeting started @ 7:05

Attendees:  Mike Erickson, Mark Janick, Melissa Janick, Chuck Rockwell, Mark Mona, Steve Woronecki, Bob Norris, Chris Camara, Matt Hall, Jim Canon, Hank Savelli, Rachel DeAlfi, Todd Annis, Katie Claffey

Wolfpack softball clinic will be held on Feb 2, from 2:00-4:00 for girls 12 and under.  Price is $35 and will include tickets to a WolfPack game. Clinic is run by St. Joe’s College. 

Jan 19 (Sat), WolfPack will have a fundraiser for $15 that the league is looking into promoting and will look to announce later this week.  Purchase online.

Looking for volunteers to hold softball clinics in town.

Fall ball wooden bat league will be receiving funds from the league for hosting fall baseball league.

Mark Mona 50/70 field proposal was brought to the town at Denslow or SW Field.  Commission was open to changing potentially one of the field, either Denslow or Southwest Park.  

JP Grasso presented at the Parks Commission meeting to discuss batting cages and get approval by the commission.  The commission was accepting of the proposal but needed to check with the Department of Public Works to get their approval.  Parks Commission will get back to the league once they discuss with Public Works

Scoreboard has not been looked at yet.  League will look into getting a remote transmitter for the upcoming season.

Suffield is looking to take over running the Juniors program starting next spring.  Games would be played in both Suffield and WL.  

Mr. Janick shared the latest Treasurer’s report with the board.  

Meeting called at 8:00

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